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  • Address:
    Delovaya street, 5
  • Class:
  • Floors:
  • Construction technology:
    monolithic frame
  • Heating:
    autonomous (at home)
  • Developer:
    Project from K.A.N. Development
Residential complexes
  • We started implementation of engineering networks in one of the highest quality residential complexes of the city - Tetris HALL.
  • Tetris Hall residential complex in Pechersk district is one of the most striking and memorable complexes of the Ukrainian capital, located in the heart of Kiev on Delovaya Street, 5.
  • The developer of the complex is the well-known company "CAN Development".
  • Construction stages: House 2 is expected to be completed in III quarter of 2019.
  • The sections where our company works are ventilation and air conditioning.
project video