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  • Address:
    Lviv, st. Ugorskaya 14
  • Total area:
    29 986 m2
  • Floors:
  • Business center class:
  • Parking:
    280 parking spaces
Office buildings
  • A new phase of the business center is under construction in Dominant Plaza.
  • Our company Apfel Group performs work in the following areas: ventilation, air conditioning, heating, heat pumps, water heating for hot water supply systems.
  • Dominant Plaza life support system: Fully controlled indoor climate, maintaining a constant temperature with a self-contained combined ventilation, heating and air conditioning system.
  • Ventilation, air conditioning:
  • A "chiller-fancoil" system with silent low pressure ducts built under the ceiling with fresh air inflow, and heated air in the winter. This equipment, as experience shows, has proven itself in the best way, works without failures, noise or any complaints.
project video